About 360 Plus Media

Having 20+ years of in the field experience has culminated in me re-directing my years of knowledge and experience to use for my clients first and foremost hence the launch of 360 Plus Media.

360 Plus Media was founded in 2012 primarily because after 23 years of dealing with local business owners, we felt their needs and goals were not always the focus by their media consultants. We are an up and coming company that is completely client focused where our client needs come first!

As a retailer, you may have had one or more of these issues about promoting your business:

  • You haven’t advertised before and don‘t know where to start
  • You have done a bit of advertising but now you want to take it to another level
  • You are busy! You cannot spend the time on all the media considerations by yourself
  • You need someone to help you on a part time basis a few hours a week tops.

If any of these strike a chord with you then here is how we can help you. We offer integrated marketing, planning, placement and execution. Including TV, radio, print and outdoor billboards to enhance your brand development and develop new client relationships. We will work with you to drive web site traffic growth, including analytics and re-target marketing, website UI and advertising placement. We also offer Sales Training and specialized services to help you develop your brand strategy.

The theme of 2021 at 360 Plus Media is a year of growth and new opportunities. Brighter days are ahead and to continue the theme of growth and new opportunities, we would like to welcome a new addition to 360 Plus Media Inc.

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